Live Unplugged June 3rd 2017

Om June 3rd the band made a unique unplugged session at the FNAC Brussels.
Recorded on multitrack , it delivers a unique moment for a happy crowd.
Here 8 video's in the following order of the concert 



1 Summer Love  (from "Summer Love" 2017)

2 Naturally High (from "Summer Love" 2017)

3 You can't get (from "Summer Love" 2017)

4 Well allright (from next album)

5 Guardians (from "Summer Love" 2017)

6 Hypnotized (from "Summer Love" 2017)

7 Go F**k yourself with your cat on the roof
(from The Narcotic Daffodils 2011)

8 Bruxelles (from "Summer Love" 2017)