The Narcotic Daffodils bloom offering rawness and wildness through lyrics full of colours and poetry combined with music that takes you through a modern day trip right from the place you are.
The universe of The Narcotic Daffodils gives life to an alternative sound which is psychedelic by gestation, rock by nature and even in it’s most quiet state, moving. The Narcotic Daffodils have spread their bulblets in European soil performing more than just several gigs throughout Belgium, Holland, England ans Wales, Italy and France. 

The first album « The Narcotic Daffodils » recorded in Brussels was mixed by Paolo Negri, (producer/organist of the Link Quartet) and released in 2011. Trail Records (USA) released a song from this first album for their compilation “Psychedelic World Music” in august 2012.

The second album “CELLEX” , released in 2014 is a picture of an eclectic sounds and influences, and offers a reality filled with exotic riches and rock grinding. 

After two albums and numerous gigs across Europe that transformed the style, the group returned to the basic ideas after the departure of three members (Irène-vocals , Hakim-Guitar , Merlin-Drums) . For Simon on Sitar and Keyboards and FlupK on bass, it was the occasion for a real return to the roots of psychedelic rock, accompanied by three young musicians - Maria on the guitar, Luna on the organ and singing - who share the same passion and supported by Arne on drums.Luna was already guest on "Cellex". They draw their inspiration from the exuberant late 60's rock, an era where all experiments were possible, made of culture shock (the east) of sexual freedom , made of community life, with instruments like the Indian Sitar and the Hammond organ, garage rock that quickly turns to the psychedelic without renouncing its blues roots.  The band released in 2017 a third album "Summer Love" which turns unintentionally to a celebration of the "Summer of love" of 1967. It offers a concentrate of unchained energies and delicate harmonies admirably coherent by the grace of the creative mastering work of Remy Lebbos (Vismet) to the Rare Sounds Studio.

Released on 12 may 2017 and distributed by Starman Records , the band already presented the new songs on several gigs and festivals. After a fruitful collaboration between Sinon on Sitar and Alain Pire for the complete Sgt Pepper Lonely heart Club Band project , both will share a double bill with Alain Pire Experience , one of the best belgian psychedelic band on tour.