Live Zik Zak Sept 16th 2017

Om Sept 16th the band made a gig at the Zik Zak (Ittre) recorded in multicam and multitrack

Here 10 video's in the following order of the concert


1 Back from Calcutta with... Mister Jacky (from first album of 2011)


2 Summer Love  (from "Summer Love" 2017)

3 You can't get (from "Summer Love" 2017)

4 Hypnotized (from "Summer Love" 2017)

5 Guardians (from "Summer Love" 2017)

6 Atomic 53(from "Summer Love" 2017)

7 Well allright (from next album)

8 Naturally High(from "Summer Love" 2017)

9 Bruxelles(from "Summer Love" 2017)

10 Go F**k yourself with you cat on the roof (from first album of 2011)